Clinica de Parbrize

Complete solution provider for windshield repair and replacement

Clinica de Parbrize (Windshield clinic) is the main importer and supplier for the following activities: windshield repair and replacement, headlight polishing, headlight film wrapping, car body wrapping, window film applying.

The company's activity spans over 15 years, time that brought a lot of practical experience, therefore we find here a trusted partner that offers know-how, tools, supplies and even training / authorizing.

The multitude of services, product categories and domains of use tested our resistance, dar after a lot of hard work we managed to deliver a website that both customer and his partners were delighted of.

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Shopping platform


Custom online shop platform, user accounts, card payment, Google Map API integration, administration, responsive, data migration, ajax functionalities, SEO

Professionals, they are focusing on the successful completion of a project, regardless of effort. I am extremely satisfied about communication with them, for two of my projects.

Cserr Ladislau - Manager TGM Impex SRL

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